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141 Stanley Road
Teddington, England, TW11 8UF
United Kingdom

07747 126 742

Wonderlust is an independent label providing limited edition effortless style designed and made in the UK.

A bit about us


a bit about us.

Wonderlust is an independent clothing label led by Sarah Milmine and made possible by Sara Layton. 

We are a pair of highly creative and hard working individuals based in Teddington, where we have our little shop.

We are on a mission to change the way we all feel about clothes, by offering up the opportunity to afford unique pieces that aren’t mass produced

Wonderlust manufacture and make everything in the UK where possible. When we can’t we ensure that we choose our source based on product quality and not price

We are conscious of our environment and go to every effort to ensure we treat it kindly - but we don’t like to drone on about it

And we strive to make the Wonderlust brand a good business for:

Our customers

we want our customers to feel special and value their investment, in us and our clothes.... and join us over at the wonderclub.


Our community

we try to buy our materials and services from our network of local suppliers, such as Jim the needlework whizz in Whitton to Rashid a brilliant source for fabric, we want people to come and feel they’re a part of what we’re doing.